We’re pleased to offer two options for this professional development opportunity.

  • Option 1: Advancing Technical Leaders Complete Program – $699 – This event series features 6 sessions including one in-person and five online sessions geared towards the growth and development of technical leaders.
  • Option 2: The Power of Networking:  Building Effective Networks, Mentors and Sponsors – $499 – This is session1 of the full series.


Session 1: The Power of Networking:  Building Effective Networks, Mentors and Sponsors (In-Person, February 19)

The ability to learn from and influence people informally rather than solely based on your position in the organization is critically important in today’s workplace. And the ability to influence without authority is directly tied to the networks you build in your professional life.  In fact, research shows that strong professional networks are one of the most important factors in promotability.  Yet engineers and technologists are notoriously poor at networking and are dismissive of the proven value of networks.

In this hands-on workshop, experts from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) will discuss the research, tools and methodologies to understand and leverage professional networks, mentors and sponsors.  You’ll learn about:

  • CCL’s ground-breaking research behind how and why networks impact success in the workplace
  • CCL’s Network Analysis research defining 4 Network Types and which are most effective
  • How to build, maintain, and leverage networks effectively – with a minimal time investment
  • How to use your network to influence without authority
  • The difference between mentors and sponsors and the value of each
  • How to find and work most effectively with mentors and sponsors

You’ll also complete CCL’s Leadership Network Diagnostic to analyze the characteristics of your current network and learn how to expand and make changes to build the most effective network.

About The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)
CCL is a non-profit organization with 10 campuses worldwide dedicated to providing research and executive education on leadership.  CCL offers a range of research-based on-site and digital educational services for all leader levels and challenges.  CCL has been recognized by the Financial Times Top 10 in Executive Education for 10 consecutive years.  www.ccl.org

Session 2: Clarity of goals (Online, March 12)

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Session 3: Networking is Connecting – How to Accelerate Your Career (Online, April 15) 

The word “networking” brings up all kinds of horrible images to many of us—the formal event where hordes try to sell you something.  Networking, when done right, isn’t about events at all. It’s about making connections.  It’s about service.  Learn how to optimize your networking efforts while building synergistic relations and being of service to others.

Session 4: Confident self-promotion(Online, May 20)

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Session 5: Securing challenging assignments(Online, June 25)

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