Data is the new IP – AI can’t exist without a strong data acquisition and curation strategy. Planning the data pipeline, governance, and for growth and updating models regularly need to be part of the AI strategy from the outset. This session will cover:

  • Defining AI governance: What this means and how definitions of subjects like ethics and effectiveness can differ between organizations.
  • Data governance: Companies must rely on an AI governance program to ensure only high-quality, unbiased and consistent data are used in training. AI is a growing necessity for enterprises / businesses; it provides an avenue for scaling quickly and efficiently.
  • Best practices / implementation: how to implement AI that meets the requirements of the organization’s defined sets of governances.
  • Planning the data pipeline and growing/updating the models: AI is not static in the real world; models must be frequently updated to maintain relevance and accuracy.

Kirsten Gokay
Product Manager