The complexity of modern IT stack optimization, across both on-premises and hybrid cloud environments, has grown exponentially with the interplay of hundreds of tuning parameters across each layer of the stack. The full grasp of this complexity is beyond the reach of even the most experienced and skilled IT professionals. Join us to learn how Akamas (http://akamas.io) can optimize entire IT stack configurations.

Built by experts in performance engineering, capacity management, and big data analytics, Akamas is an autonomous system that independently and systematically applies innovative machine learning models to safely and automatically optimize the configuration of hundreds of concurrent parameters.  Powered by an AI engine, Akamas is able to run automated, full-stack goal-driven performance experiments, evaluating configuration effectiveness and deploying settings to live systems. State the goal and let Akamas work out the best settings to improve specific KPIs! The results? Dramatic performance and cost improvements.

Join us to see this new solution in action and hear about the astonishing results we are collecting from our customers: from reaching unthinkable levels of performance while reducing costs and delivering services faster, to challenging the price–performance trade-off while running MongoDB on AWS.

At this technical demonstration, you will learn how to achieve superhuman performance by letting the machines optimize the machine via a goal-driven performance tuning.

Presented by
Stefano Doni
CTO and Founder
Milan, Italy