Are you prepared for the next wave of technology? We spend a lot of time following futurists and tech experts who “predict” the future. However, we are in the throes of an old concept: Life Imitates Art and Art Imitates Life. There is a lot of misconception (and fear) that future tech will consume us, robots will replace us, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will destroy us. We will look at the impact these technologies will make on our personal and professional lives, changing how we work, learn and play. These technologies will merge to bring us into an entirely new era of reality. We are in a position to create the future, not just predict it. This session will explore:

  • Our digital future with Blockchain, AI, Deep Learning, Robotics
  • How Pop Culture influences technology
  • Overcoming the fear of technology
  • Redefining value with Cryptocurrencies
  • How individuals and companies can prepare for the wave of future tech

Presented by
Amy Peck, XR & Future Tech Strategist

Topics: Blockchain, What’s Next
Time and Day: 10:45AM Tuesday, February 11