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Using an Open Architecture to Accelerate AIOps Value

Use of AIOps to augment IT functions such as event correlation and analysis, anomaly detection and root cause analysis is growing rapidly.  However, limited access to data, lack of skills and operations maturity can sometimes slow AIOps adoption and time to value. Hear real world case studies on how leading organizations have overcome the barriers and are using an open approach to AIOps to increase IT ops efficiency, improve decision making and optimize system performance.  

Per Kroll – Senior Director Research & Development, AIOps & DevOps, Broadcom
Nicole Fagen, Director Product Management & Strategy, AIOps & Automation, Broadcom

Modern Enterprise IT
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Determining the Best Use of AI to Meet Your IT Ops Needs

There is a misconception that AI is about replacing people, but it’s more about using technology to assist us in accomplishing objectives more efficiently. When it comes to applying AI to IT operations (AIOps), a primary focus is shifting from reactive fire-fighting to proactively avoiding issues that could negatively impact the business. But each organization has different objectives, limitations and needs which should be considered when implementing an AIOps strategy. Join this session to learn from the experiences of large and small companies about how to assess the best ways AIOps can help your organization.

Chris Spence – AI Product Management & Strategy Lead, Broadcom
Dave Helsley, Distinguished Engineer & AIOps Architect, Broadcom

Modern Enterprise IT
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Automated Data Visualization

As a user, we are very confined to watching different data in tables, charts, and graphs format. But the right visualizations can and should help you enabling you to analyze even larger data sets. While moving from antiquated excel sheets is a step in the right direction, determining the right visualization for your data can still be a challenge. This session will discuss why visualization is more important that the data itself and show what happens when we apply machine learning to data and see automated data visualizations.

Jyotsna Chatradhi
Engineering Lead
Plano, Texas United States

Monitoring and Observability


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