In today’s fast-paced development environments, companies tend to focus on feature delivery speed so much that reliability can often be overlooked. Keeping up with reliability goals, however, is of the utmost importance. 

In this session, participants will learn how McGraw Hill experienced this first-hand when they fast-tracked development pipelines in AWS cloud environments, moved to containerization with continuous integration and continuous deployment, and started building infrastructure as code. These changes and increased speed of delivery challenged the organization to maintain a focus on reliability and to change the way it did DevOps by creating an embedded reliability engineering team that focused on platform uptime. 

This session, which is appropriate for professionals of all levels, will cover the unique features of McGraw Hill’s site reliability engineering (SRE) team, best practices and pillars, how to create and measure SLIs, SLOs, SLAs, and error budgets, and how to build and attract SRE talent.

Presented by
Anjeneya Dubey
Senior Director of Site Reliability Engineering and Cloud Operations
Robbinsville, New Jersey USA