The IT operations team at Cerner, a leading supplier of health information technology, faced many challenges including a growing user base, new IT environments, constantly changing application stacks, and new collaborative and agile processes. 

Business Service Owners and Information Technology Operations teams needed to collaborate to define a new capacity strategy for virtualization, storage, and network infrastructure, to promptly connect business driver changes to IT operations metrics. 

With multiple challenges to tackle, Cerner partnered with Moviri to design a Capacity Management solution and structured process to effectively reach the expected business objectives for cost-effectiveness and risk reduction. The results of which have been measured and recognized publicly as a contributor to the company’s quintupled revenue of the past 12 years.

During this session, participants will learn about Cerner’s experience and how Capacity Planning became a key factor in scaling, sales forecasting, and service delivery. Additional outcomes are to learn how to align the Capacity Management process to your business objectives, to discover the results from a successful Capacity Management initiative, and to measure and compare the maturity of your Capacity Management process.

Presented by
Andrea Gallo
Client Advisor
Boston, Massachusetts USA
Justin Martin
Senior Technology Architect, Cerner
Kansas City, Kansas USA

Schedule: Monday, Feb 10; General: Case Study
Time: 45 Minutes
Format: Talk/Presentation
Themes: Performance and Capacity Planning, Strategic Vision, Mentorship, Education, and Training
Level: All Levels / Participants should have a working knowledge of the subject area
Certifications: None