Just before the pandemic, a colleague and I were looking at taking over the management of our workshop computers for the conferences we put on with our company. After using our Edge computing and cloud native experience, we came up with a solution where we would use fully loaded desktop linux distro containers to run each attendee’s workshop computer that we provided. It’s a story about Edge computing, containers, and kubernetes working together to manage all of the resources needed to run a successful in-person workshop. I will talk about how we built those containers and how they were managed and scheduled while stretching the use of containers and Edge Compute using cloud native technologies.

In this talk you will learn the technologies we used to build KubeDesktop, how we built it, and some of the key gotchas when using Kubernetes and containers to manage a full user desktop machine.


  • Learn how you can build your own KubeDesktop.
  • Benefit from our learnings and experiences building our KubeDesktop.
  • Learn what to avoid and how to benefit from your own custom KubeDesktop.


About The Speaker:

Jock Reed is a Technologist/Developer Advocate at Cisco Systems. He develops and engineer answers to problems. He does this through coding, trusting people, and using good business sense (not necessarily in that order). He wears many proverbial hats in what he does. Jock loves working with people and companies and helping others find solutions to problems.