It’s not often we have a Unicorn Whisperer join our conference agenda. Heather Wilde is just that. As a CTO and Unicorn Whisperer, Heather serves as a CTO and coach for technology leaders at early-stage startups.

Heather will join CMG to present on a topic that takes data science and machine learning to the next level with her session, “Practically Magic: How Anticipatory Design Is the Future of Product Development”

As a self-described “infrastructure geek,” Heather enjoys working on the hardware, software and people sides to make endeavors successful. Her experience lies within untangling underlying communication issues, both from the people and software side that would otherwise inhibit growth, and in applying learnings from large-scale enterprise to startup. Her 20-year career has included roles in the gaming, travel, healthcare, nonprofits, hospitality, productivity, government, retail, entertainment and security verticals.