Deep Learning is a branch of Artificial and Machine Learning that has surpassed the performance of traditional machine learning algorithms for specific applications by a considerable percentage. The combination of advances in the learning algorithms and architectures behind their design, the availability of vast amounts of data for training them, and low cost access to virtually unlimited amounts of computational resources, has made it possible for them to solve problems that were previously solely within the domain of human expertise. Deep learning is now in use all around us from selecting the ads that will be displayed on the web pages we view, to translating between spoken languages, to identifying the presence of tumors in medical images.

In this tutorial session, participants will learn:

  • What deep learning is and how it works
  • Which applications deep learning is suitable for (and some that aren’t)
  • The key categories of deep learning algorithms
  • Examples of applications of deep learning

Presented by: Odysseas Pentakalos, CTO, Oak Hill, VA

Topics: AI, ML, and DL
Time and Day: 1:45PM Monday, February 11