A lot is changing in the world, driving tremendous uncertainty and volatility in IT demand. These growing influences have created an increased demand for performance management and optimization. 

Often, managing the costs of IT and SLAs falls to the C-suite, overlooking the critical information that performance and reliance engineers can bring to the conversation. Additionally, many performance and reliance engineers have a hard time communicating the business impact of their work and convincing the finance organization of the importance of performance and optimization.

In this session, CFO Randy McCoy and z Systems expert Michael Perera will join CEO Allan Zander for an interactive session where they will discuss these challenges and how to overcome them from the perspectives of both the C-suite and the engineer. 

Panel members will share their insights and secrets to success and reveal the keywords your CFO wants to hear when deciding on project funding. They will also discuss the keys to successful collaborations between IT and Finance, how innovations like tailored pricing are impacting the market, and the most impactful inputs and outputs to drive the business case for IT.

Presented by

Allan Zander
CEO DataKinetics, CEO omNovos
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Randy McCoy
CFO DataKinetics, CFO omNovos
Ottawa, Ontario Canada