Dr. James McCaffrey is a senior research scientist engineer in the artificial intelligence group at Microsoft Research. James will describe four recent advances in machine learning and AI that have the potential to dramatically affect IT organizations of all sizes. These advances in technology are not abstract concepts — they are practical techniques that enterprises can use today to improve efficiency, generate revenue, and reduce costs. In this lively, informal, but informative talk, you’ll learn about advances in document analysis and natural language processing, neurosymbolic computing, neural based anomaly detection, and neuromorphic engineering. James promises there will be no math equations with Greek letters.

James McCaffrey works for Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA where he is part of the artificial intelligence group. James has a PhD in cognitive psychology and computational statistics from the University of Southern California, a BA in psychology, a BA in applied mathematics, and an MS in computer science. James learned to speak to the public while working at Disneyland as a college student, and he can still recite the entire Jungle Cruise ride narration from memory.

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Dr. James McCaffrey
Senior Research Scientist Engineer