What if you improved your site’s speed so that you saw boosted ranking for mobile search results, higher traffic, and lowered bounce rates? Unless you think your online product could get by without getting traffic, loyal customers, and ROI, this session is for you. Alla Gringaus will share with you insights about the role of a fast page load and its measurable effect on conversion rates.

Poor user experience and frustration with the speed and performance of websites/applications almost always manifest in an impact on the business bottom line. Slow loading time doesn’t only affect your revenues, but can also defer users from interacting with your website or engaging with your product.

In today’s modern digital age, speed matters.

Page loading time directly affects conversions, page views, direct revenues, and how Google ranks your pages. There are a few hundred “signals” that determine where a webpage ranks in Google, including page relevance, backlinks, social signals, fresh content, speed, and many other factors. Because of this, website performance optimization became one of the major topics elevated by Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and many large and small companies that care about all of the above.

In this session, Performance Solution Architect, a certified UX Design, Alla Gringaus will:

  • Explore the “psychology of speed”
  • Discuss the impact page load times have on conversions, user experience, and online revenue streams
  • Provide practical guidance for identifying the most severe performance issues and how to get started

Presented by
Alla Gringaus, Performance Solution Architect and UX Designer

Topics: Web Performance
Time and Day: 10:45AM Wednesday, February 12