In the 1960s and 1970s, mainframe computing was the dominant paradigm in information processing. Rapid and continuing developments have changed the focus to distributed systems, but mainframes remain an important niche player. When circumstances require very high WRASSS™ (workload reliability, availability, serviceability, security and scalability), mainframes continue to deliver the goods at a competitive TCO per unit of work. In a world that is increasingly cloud native, many technology professionals are never tasked with learning much about mainframe systems, creating a disadvantage on all sides. 

This session serves as a primer on mainframe technology and will teach the mainframe professional about the differences in platform architecture, system configuration, and costing for mainframe technology. 

Presented by

Jonathan Gladstone, Capacity Planner, Bank of Montreal, Ontario, Canada
Topics: Mainframe
Time and Day: 1:45PM Monday, February 10