As performance practitioners we have always applied engineering principles to deliver value outside our organization. But with this growing technology landscape, companies are keen on driving process efficiency and maturity within engineering practices to gain that competitive edge. 

With the advancement of technology, growing and easily accessible compute power, concepts like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have started to penetrate the roots of how we think, how we function, and how we deliver to solve everyday problems. 

At Mastercard, our futuristic vision is an AI driven, fully automated performance testing—correction, performance engineering—pipeline where you can launch a series of tests, analyze, tune and retest cycles with a click of a button. 

Join us to hear about how far we have come in realizing that vision. How we built a bot that you can use to not only trigger a test, but also to fetch results from anywhere. How we have built a fully automated pipeline that can pick up a new build and overnight run through a series of tests, reconfigure and retest cycles to spit out the most optimal results by morning.

Presented by

Priyanka Arora, Director, Performance Engineering and Governance Lead, Mastercard
New York, NY,

Asha Somayajula, Technical Consultant, Mastercard
O’Fallon, MO.

Topics: AI/ML/DL, Performance
Time and Day: 2:45PM Monday, February 10