The Micro Focus Modernization solution supports a transformational journey that bridges old and new to create greater value from longstanding IT investments, on or off the mainframe. Our solutions for COBOLmainframe application delivery and host access offer a comprehensive, proven solution across the three pillars of modernization – application, process and infrastructure – to achieve unprecedented speed to market, competitive advantage, and operational efficiency.

Micro Focus at IMPACT

Check out these sessions during IMPACT 2021! 

2021 Mainframe Modernized Sessions

Technical methods to solve performance issues

Based on a case study that involves reporting and automation with zWR and zGuard, this session will explore how to avoid MSU MLC costs overrun and deploy tuning in a mainframe environment.

Kevin Luey
Mainframe Senior Technical Solutions Consultant/Team Leader
SVA Software Inc

Mainframe Modernized

Surfacing Mainframe Hidden Costs and Operational Gaps

“Help! My management wants yet another opex report”. With all of the data that’s available in your mainframe environment, it’s challenging to figure out what you should focus on. Being able to rapidly understand what data is most important for your unique mainframe environment isn’t just a nice-to-have need, it’s mission critical. Learn how you can rapidly scan and analyze your mainframe environment using sophisticated analytics and machine learning to help identify the data that’s most important to your organization.

Libor Cerney
Product Owner, Mainframe Division

Mainframe Modernized

Enable Your DevOps Transformation

Rapid delivery of core business systems needs to be enterprise-wide, and DevOps is now mainstream, even on the mainframe. Your mainframe DevOps tool chain needs to integrate and communicate all aspects of the delivery lifecycle. Using REST-based APIs, ChangeMan ZMF can drive your mainframe deliveries faster than ever, while retaining rock-solid reliability and visibility. Join this session to see how hooking up mainframe DevOps delivery tooling is easier, and more productive than ever, using Micro Focus ChangeMan ZMF.

Bob Yates
Sr. Solutions Architect, Mainframe & Enterprise DevOps
Micro Focus

Modern Enterprise IT / What’s New
Performance Engineering and DevOps
Mainframe Modernized


Locating CICS Abnormal Reponse Times

Most of z/OS sites run CICS to serve transactional applications.
These CICS environments are often very complex with thousands of different transaction codes running in hundreds of CICS regions hosted in multiple production systems.

A lot of measurements providing all the needed performance metrics and allowing to analyze in detail CICS transactions elapsed time are available in SMF 110 records.

Unfortunately, the number of these records is normally very big, so it is impossible to prepare and analyze reports showing all this data.
A statistical approach allowing to focus only on the CICS transactions experiencing an abnormal elapsed time is therefore needed.

In this presentation we discuss a possible approach we successfully implemented at some customers sites.
We will also describe a reporting drill down methodology that can be used to find problems very easily and follow up on improvement or degradation situations.

Mark Cohen Austrowiek
Technical Director
EPV Technologies
Rome, Italy

Monitoring and Observability

Java performance in 2021: How AI optimization will debunk 4 long-standing Java tuning myths

Java is ubiquitous in online services, yet ensuring Java applications’ availability and performance remains a challenging task. In this talk, we show how established industry approaches and widely-accepted beliefs about Java tuning are wrong and how AI breaks through long-standing limitations.

Stefano Doni
Co-Founder, CTO

Performance Engineering and DevOps


Everything I Need To Know About AIOps I Learned From My Rice Cooker

It seems you can’t throw a rock these days without it glancing off a shiny new application of ‘artificial intelligence’ or ‘machine learning’. Indeed, the promise of ‘AIOps’ proposes a transformational effect on our lives as operators and developers of complex systems. What, though, is AIOps? This is a question that many people are happy to answer, but I decided to take a deeper look. What I found may shock you, and it’s that I learned more about AIOps by cooking rice than I did from hours of research.

This talk will introduce you to the secrets behind AIOps, what you can learn from rice cookers, and a few takeaways about the role and application of automation in complex systems.

Austin Parker

Monitoring and Observability

Practical Ways to Leverage AI in your IT Operations

Join this session for a technical deep dive on practical ways to leverage AI in your IT operations, including discussions on topology, Cassandra, Kafka bus, graph database and more.

Dave Helsley
Distinguished Engineer, Mainframe Software Division
Broadcom Inc.

January 26, 2021 10:05 AM 10:45 AM

Modern Enterprise IT
What’s New


Capacity Management in a Changing World or Turning the Lights on in Capacity Management

Capacity Management process maturity includes aligning capacity, performance and cost. This process alignment are critical goals in determining business service levels constrained by capacity, and cost. Audiences today request their reporting to be up to the minute along with consumption history to forecast future business demand activity. We will review the capacity management process necessary to meet these goals. We will look at why consumption timely data availability, drill down self-service reporting; is a requirement for today’s diverse system management audience.

Daniel Ruehl
Senior Software Implementation Specialist at 21st Century Software

Presentation Date/Time:January 21, 2021 9:00 PM – 9:40 PM


Anomalies Detection and Cloud Platform Selection During DevOps

In this session, the presenters will review the challenges of anomaly detection during DevOps and discuss the methodology and use case of cloud platform selection for the application. There will be a focus on applying iterative modeling and gradient optimization to determine the minimum configuration and cost required to support new applications Service Level Goals in different clouds


Boris Zibitsker
CEO at BEZNext

Alex Lupersolsky
Solved Now

Pavel Pratasevich
Instructor at Computer Systems Institute

Justin Bleuel
Project Manager

Performance Engineering and DevOps

Mainframe Modernization, a trusted comprehensive approach

The Mainframe applications that are critical to many of the businesses and governmental functions that support everyday lives require significant enhancement to meet the need for flexible and cost effective deployment, on the mainframe, on distributed systems, in the Cloud. Application Modernization has become an increasingly important model to drive the level of change. To make the transition from the current monolithic, tightly coupled architectures to modern containerized services requires a combination of technologies and skills in high demand. This presentation will highlight these requirements within the context of a Maturity Model supporting the Modernization journey for all mainframe applications.


Presented by
Howard Hinman
Global Chief Technologist for Mainframe Modernization and Digital Transformation at Micro Focus

Presentation Time and Date
January 21, 2021 9:10 AM – 9:50 AM

Connect with Micro Focus

Connect with Micro Focus to begin planning your modernization journey and get the details on the Modernization Maturity Model. Our application modernization portfolio delivers four things, to realize one ambition – enabling smart digital transformation. 

  • Bridging old and new by IT investments, by reusing not replacing 
  • Protecting, and using core system IP in new ways to serve the business 
  • Increasing app and data value by delivering changes faster with low risk 
  • Leveraging cloud or containers to drive new business