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Moviri is a global software and professional services company providing 19 years of expertise in Analytics & Big Data, Machine Learning, Infrastructure Optimization, Capacity Management, Digital Optimization, DevOps, Cloud Engineering, Performance Management, Data Visualization, IoT Architecture, Security Intelligence, Security Governance, and Protection.

Moviri (formerly Neptuny) is founded in 2000 by academic researchers and consultants specialized on IT Performance Optimization. Thanks to the initial sponsorship from the Politecnico di Milano and Bain & Co., Moviri assembled the first team of talented IT performance engineers. From that moment the company started its growth at an impressive rate by expanding its service portfolio. In 2006, Moviri, leveraging its expertise and technology, released ContentWise, an innovative content recommendation and discovery engine for IPTV and Digital Media operators. In 2014, Moviri released Cleafy, a cyber immune system solution that protects enterprise organizations and large websites from the most sophisticated and elusive internet threats. In 2018, Moviri released Akamas, a machine learning self-driving solution that optimizes IT stack configurations, automatically and safely.

As IT performance optimization experts, Moviri focuses on making enterprise applications run faster, use less resources and meet business demands. Moviri major references include top companies in different market segments such as telco, banking, insurance, energy, retail, and travel.

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The success of your digital strategy relies on your ability to deliver fast and reliable software, regularly. Creating great software quickly, using an optimized performance testing process is your competitive advantage – Agile and DevOps are part of the solution.

Neotys has nearly 15 years of development investment into NeoLoad – the performance testing platform designed to accelerate Agile and DevOps processes. It’s built by engineers who recognized that to achieve their Agile adoption objective; they needed to create a product that could facilitate superior load and performance testing continuously. The result – up to 10x faster test creation and maintenance with NeoLoad.

We genuinely believe that the Performance Engineer can become the critical application performance partner providing the best testing coverage while respecting the cadence of the Continuous Delivery process. As performance becomes the responsibility of the wider team, continued delivery of an optimized performance testing platform is what drives our work every day.

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