Performance is everything for an e-commerce company like Wayfair. The global e-commerce retailer employs more than 2,300 engineers and has dozens of software engineering teams to maintain their IT operations. Because of its hybrid model of on-premises datacenter and public cloud, the organization was challenged to be able to scale in a hybrid fashion like the production infrastructure. 

To meet the demands of the organization, Head of Performance Engineering, Jaishankar Padmanabhan and his team crafted a performance engineering as a service (PEAS) process using infrastructure automation. PEAS provides a self-service performance platform that can be leveraged by application developers in the cloud as well as on-premise, to ensure scalability and reliability of their apps. 

Participants in this session will learn about PEAS, as well as how to load and performance test at scale both on-premise or in the cloud using open-source framework; analyze real-time metrics in a reporting dashboard; execute tests with a button click from a common UI; and identify bottlenecks in the applications or infrastructure.

Presented by
Jaishankar Padmanabhan
Head of Performance Engineering, Wayfair
Boston, Massachusetts USA

Schedule: TBA
General: Case Study
Time: 45 Minutes
Format: Talk/Presentation
Themes: Infrastructure/Platform/Function as a Service, Scalability and Resilience, Performance (Testing, Tuning, Engineering, Analytics)
Level: All Levels
Certifications: None