Performance testing has often been the last step before deployment. Due to time constraints, many projects have been focused on one single metric: Response time.

Response time is obviously important because it would reflect the expected user experience of your release. But before looking at your response time, are you sure that your test context is realistic? Are your test results meaningful?

Today, technical architecture has changed a lot: most of us are using cloud and containers to deploy our applications. The cost of our environment is directly linked to the level of performance of our release. Therefore, we should be more careful about the number of nodes required to run our application.

This session will remind the basic of load testing :

  • The importance to define a realistic test context
  • The criteria that will make meaningful test results

This session will then focus on test cloud architecture :

  • Methods that will make your test smarter and faster
  • KPIs that will allow you to control the cost of your cloud deployment



Session Presented by Henrik Rexed

Henrik is Performance Engineer at Neotys, a leading provider of load testing software. He has been orchestrating and conducting performance tests for over 10 years, delivering projects in all contexts including extremely large Cloud testing on the most demanding business areas such as trading applications, Video on Demand, sports websites, etc.
Prior to Neotys, Henrik worked as .NET architect for Logica and Performance testing expert on large accounts in a variety of industries including insurance, car industry, retail and energy. Amongst the numerous initiatives he worked on, Henrik has built the performance Center of Excellence (CoE) handling load testing of all the European branches of a major insurance company.