This session is based on the speaker’s book entitled “Information Technology Performance” that contains fundamentals of computer performance from a fresh perspective. This session will cover scaling models which reinterpret Dr. Gunther’s USL and expand upon some of his examples. This talk additionally covers fundamental ideas to the USL model and methods.

Specifically, the session will start at the beginning with definitions and terminology. Joe will talk about utilization and its relationship to throughput, then move on to the duality of scaling and saturation and onto scaling models.

Key Takeaways

  • Relate scaling model results to saturation and response time
  • Recognize the impact of machine/network structure on the model results
  • Quantify the scalability impact of increased “capacity” (Memory/Cache)


Joe Temple, Adjunct Professor at Coastal Carolina University. Joe has 15 years of hardware development experience and 27 years of technical support / consulting experience. In addition to his teaching experience, he has a very broad technical background and patent portfolio centered on Information Technology.