The performance implications of software design choices are often only incidentally mentioned in undergraduate courses and are rarely taught in a systematic way. Most undergraduate students lack awareness of the performance implications for designing and constructing software as well as the associated quantitative skills for planning for and analyzing typical performance issues. Cultivating Performance-Aware Software Engineers is an NSF-funded project to develop innovative and systematic approaches to enhance performance engineering skills in existing undergraduate curricula. This panel brings together prominent leaders in academia and industry to share perspectives and ideas and envision a roadmap for instilling essential SPE topics and practices into undergraduate education.

About The Speakers:

  • André B. Bondi (co-moderator) is an adjunct professor of software engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology and the founder of Software Performance and Scalablility Consulting LLC.
  • Ye Yang (co-moderator) is an Associate Professor of software engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. She is the Principal Investigator on a recently funded NSF project entitled Cultivating Performance-Aware Software Engineers.
  • Connie Smith, Ph.D., is a principal consultant of the Performance Engineering Services Division of L&S Computer Technology, Inc. 
  • Kishor Trivedi holds the Fitzgerald Hudson Chair in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University. 
  • Alexander Podelko is a staff performance engineer at MongoDB, and Director of the Computer Measurement Group. 
  • Igor Trubin, Ph.D., is an expert in Robotics/AI. He is the IT Manager at the Capital One Bank and director of the Computer Measurement Group. 
  • Gregg Vesondor, Ph.D., is the Director of Software Engineering Program at Stevens. Prior to this role he served as executive director of the Cloud Platforms Research Department at AT&T Labs Research.