The mainframe team of a Fortune 500 Transportation Provider was tasked with conflicting goals: (1) increase the frequency and variety of reporting and analytics, and (2) avoid an upgrade of their already overtaxed mainframe. Learn how you can apply their success with off-host processing to your operations for faster analytics and MXG reporting, all while retaining mainframe control of scheduling, execution and security.

Presented by
Paul Massengill
Systems Engineer

About Luminex
Luminex is a leading developer and provider of mainframe data protection, integration and off-host processing solutions. Luminex’s focus on the mainframe has led to groundbreaking Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT™) innovations such as Push Button DR, MVThsm™ (off-host HSM recycle), CloudTAPE™ and Synchronous Tape Matrix™ (STM, continuous tape availability). Luminex’s comprehensive family of Mainframe Data Integration (MDI) solutions use the same trusted, highly available FICON I/O channels to communicate and move data between mainframes and distributed systems, improving security, efficiency and performance over mainframe TCP/IP and enabling enterprises to Do More with their mainframe data.

Time and Date:
Tuesday, Feb 11 –