In this collaborative Escape Room experience, participants play the roles of newly hired z/OS security professionals at the fictitious company, Mock-Up Services Enterprises (M.U.S.E.), investigating a possible insider threat of a massive data breach. It’s a fun mix of logic puzzles and security best practices on the mainframe.

This collaborative experience provides a holistic introduction to security practices on z/OS, including challenges covering secure service through the IBM Z Security Portal, secure code integrity within PC and SVC routines, and secure configuration leveraging security health check output from the z/OS Health Checker. There is also a bonus challenge regarding Pervasive Encryption for both data at rest and in flight, leveraging a simulation of QRadar. As lead-in to these challenges, there are a variety of different puzzles and ciphers to encourage each group to work together in this gamification of z/OS security education.

While this session is based on mainframe technologies, it is appropriate for participants without prior experience with z/OS.

Presented by
Bryan Childs
z/OS Security Professional
Poughkeepsie, New York USA
Experiential Learning

Schedule: TBA
General: Security and Encryption for the Future is the introduction for this session
Time: 70 Minutes
Format: Interactive/Workshop/Escape Room
Themes: Mainframe, Mentorship, Education and Training, Security
Level: All Levels
Certifications: Digital Badge