Dr. Connie U. Smith

Dr. Connie U. Smith

CTO, Performance Engineering Services Division, L&S Computer Technology, Inc.

Dr. Connie U. Smith, CTO of the Performance Engineering Services Division of L&S Computer Technology, Inc., is known for her pioneering work in defining the field of Software Performance Engineering (SPE) and integrating SPE into the development of new software systems. Dr. Smith received the Computer Measurement Group’s prestigious A.A. Michelson lifetime achievement award for technical excellence and professional contributions for her SPE work. She is the author of the original SPE book, Performance Engineering of Software Systems, published in 1990 by Addison-Wesley, co-author of the more recent book: Performance Solutions: A Practical Guide to Building Responsive, Scalable Software also published by Addison-Wesley, and approximately 100 scientific papers. She is the creator of the SPE·EDTM performance engineering tool. She has over 25 years of experience helping clients design and implement software that meets performance requirements. Recently she has been leading a research effort, funded by USAF SBIRs, to automate the performance modeling of software and system designs with focus on IoT and Real Time Embedded Systems.

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