John Baker

John Baker

Enterprise Performance Strategies Inc.

John Baker has over 25 years in the IT industry as both a customer and consultant. For the last 20 years, John has focused on mainframe performance and cost optimization. As a customer, John designed, implemented and maintained many critical projects such as WLM Goal Mode, GDPS/Data Mirroring, and merging datacenters. As a consultant, John has assisted many of the world’s largest datacenters with their z/OS performance challenges. John has held Subject Area Chair positions with the Computer Measurement Group (CMG) for Storage and Capacity Planning and is the current System z Chair. John is a popular speaker at Share, CMG, GSE and IBM conferences. In 2017, John joined forces with long-time friend and colleague Peter Enrico at Enterprise Performance Strategies and Data Kinetics, the global leader in data performance and optimization.

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