Adopt an accessible, comprehensive and chargeable solution and keep calm & observe, now!

The role of the mainframe is changing and there are lots of new demands on “z”. This could be, FinOps, Analytics AI/BI, Mainframe Modernization, Mainframe Observability or any number of these topics. Fundamentally, there are 3 topics that we need to focus on, “Accessibility, Understandability, and Chargeability”.

Join ZETALY for this session on ensuring the mainframe is not “an island” can be understood and used by all and an invaluable tool to be used by the business.


About The Speaker:

Brian Hoare is a Solutions Specialist at ZETALY. Brian Hoare has seen the z platform grow from OS/390 to today’s z/OS. He may speak with a “strange accent” and has introduced new solutions into the USA and worked with several startups. He has presented at local/annual CMG’s, Share and many other conferences discussing cost reduction (IBM/MLC), performance and is now his focused on analytical data on “z”. Mainframe analytics are his latest passion, especially as Z is the richest source of data there is. So why not use the richest source of data we have for helping to run the business? Brian lives in Florida, is a passionate fan of Rugby and Football (Soccer) and has several refereeing and coaching badges.