SVA Software, Inc. combines know-how with specialized and intelligent software solutions to fully optimize and automate IT infrastructures. SVA Software, Inc. award-winning solutions help drive data-center operational excellence and ensure workloads are being optimized for risk, cost and performance.

In addition, SVA Software, Inc. offers IT infrastructure Operational Services with the support of more than 800 system engineers with different expertise coming from the parent company SVA GmbH „made in Germany“.

Our vision is to help IT Managers realize the true potential of their IT infrastructures such as:

          IBM Mainframe: Our Z software solutions help customers reduce Mainframe MLC costs and improve WLM performance. The process starts by analyzing and reporting on workloads for tuning and high performance (using zWorkload Reporter). Afterward, we implement automation on your Mainframe by making dynamic adjustments to reduce monthly license fees (MLC) without impacting application performance (using zGuard). Finally, we provide services for analysis, optimization and maintenance of your mainframe infrastructure.

          IT Infrastructure analytics: For customers that require end-to-end automated monitoring of infrastructures that use multiple platforms. Our solution BVQ allows Data Center admins to deploy automated and intelligent performance monitoring covering all the infrastructure layers (Compute, Storage and SAN). This solution is user-friendly providing three different user interfaces that admins can use depending on the expertise and monitoring needs. The automation goes from automated alerts, monitoring dashboards all the way to drill down and troubleshooting in multi-layers of your infrastructure.

          Business Continuity: Our Business Continuity solution (IDR) and services help our customers build up the guidance, implementation and maintenance of disaster-tolerant enterprises.  This ensures disaster recovery effectiveness through different processes such as testing, training and compliance reviews. Our IDR solution is based on the international standards ISO 22301 and ISO 27301.

          Backup & Archive: Our solution Tape Audit ensures Archive data integrity by providing control and efficiency in the audit process of long-term archive data and verifies that data is available and ready to use when needed.

          VMware License Management: Our GetVMware solution reduces the complexity of reconciling VMware license usage and entitlements across the organization, this is achieved by gathering real-time data from different sources using centralized monitoring dashboards and services for a complete view of VMware license inventory.

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