We truly are experiencing AI’s golden era. The confluence of AI algorithms coming to reality, performance and economics of computational infrastructure, and explosion of IoT-fueled Big Data has kicked it off. It’s a great time for AI/Data Science experimentation, with a business’ competitive advantage and leap-frog opportunities up for grabs. As AI is being infused across all industries from fintech, to security, retail and energy, and as AI is being infused across your business in diverse ways, how is a steely-eyed SMB or enterprise IT management professional to roadmap a plan and put tools and equipment in their AI model developers’ and AI users’ hands? Join us in this thought-provoking keynote and Q&A where we’ll talk about the factors, options, and state-of-the-art on-premise AI that are now mature and ready for business, and present the case for IT managers to embrace on-premise AI computational resources as an alternative to, or augment, cloud-based AI services and deployment.


Kyle Harper
AI Strategist
Modern Enterprise IT / What’s New