Presented by former FBI Special Agent Stacy Arruda, the purpose of this session is to demonstrate how terrorists, spies and criminals, the “bad guys,” take the seemingly innocuous information you post on the internet and use it to victimize you and your organization. Participants will learn about the methods that criminals are using to target victims and subsequently compromise IT networks in as little as 45 minutes. 

This session will help individuals and managers recognize the threat of social media to business and will transform organizations’ views of employee training with regard to social media and proper email behavior.

Presented by
Stacy Arruda
Cyber Security Expert
Tampa, Florida USA

Schedule: TBA
General: Presentation includes a live demonstration
Time: 45 Minutes
Format: Interactive Presentation
Themes: Mentorship, Education, and Training, Security, Network Breaches
Level: Intro/Beginner; Executive/Purchaser Overview
Certifications: None