Presenter: Mark Cohen Austrowiek
Being accurate and saving time in performance and capacity planning studies is one of the most important objectives of a company. With the continuing hardware and software evolution it is getting harder to locate problem areas and understand the correlation between them. After many years of experience I have put together the most important performance counters from the z/OS operating system, different application areas, hardware and software enhancements to get the picture you always wanted to see. Various calculations were created to help you understand if your hardware configuration and software configuration are providing the results you expect.

About the Presenter
Mark Cohen Austrowiek is a partner in EPV Technologies which specializes in developing products for Performance Analysis, Reporting, Tuning and Capacity Planning of z/OS, DB2, MQ, CICS, WAS, z/LINUX and Distributed Systems. The company’s main offices are located in Rome and Milan Italy. Today he works as technical product director and occasionally project manager in various z/OS and open systems performance analysis and capacity planning projects. His main programming expertise is in the SAS and perl language.

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