Presenter: Odysseas Pentakalos and Alex Gilgur
Machine learning is a branch of AI that has finally started to deliver on the goals that the field of AI has been exploring for the past 50 years. Although some of the key algorithms behind Machine Learning have been around for decades, the convergence of the availability of enormous amounts of data and the computational infrastructure needed to process it, is providing the fertile ground needed to launch an explosive growth in the applications of Machine Learning across every industry vertical.

This tutorial will provide a broad overview of the field and will introduce the audience to this very exciting field. Attendees will walk away with a good understanding of what makes Machine Learning different from previous attempts to automation, get a glimpse at some of the types of problems that it attempts to solve (such as predictive analytics with regression and classification, clustering, and recommendations) and the key algorithms used to solve those problems, and see how some of those algorithms are applied to practical problems.

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Room 2 – 2/19