Presenter: Jamie Baker
This presentation starts with a quick review of the cloud and its ever growing service offerings, then digs deeper into attempting to provide some answers and clarity around the following questions:

  • How does the DevOps process provide the agility and speed of deployments for new IT services?
  • How and why does cloud fit into this model?
  • How can we counter the perceptions that cloud capacity is infinite?
  • How does AI and Machine Learning perceive to offer control over capacity and performance on demand?
  • How can we keep our costs under control?

We will also look at how Capacity Management is adapting to meet the requirements of this brave new world, providing the essential process governance across on-premise and hybrid cloud models. In addition, we look at how to proactively report on potential cost impacts when running in the cloud and look at best practices for planning a lift and shift into the cloud, and also identifying which services/applications are most suited for the cloud.

About the Presenter
I have IT professional since 1998 after graduating from the University of Kent with a BSc in Management Science. After initially working on UNIX systems as an Operator and then a Systems Administrator, I joined Metron in 2002 and has been working on Capacity Management projects and help shaping the Athene capacity management tool ever since. Now a Senior Product Manager within Syncsort, I have extensive experience in delivering process and technical expertise, ITIL certified Capacity Management solutions, training and guidance to businesses and organisations hosting open systems, z and i Series, and Cloud based systems.

My interests outside of work are spending valuable time with the family, watching sports especially West Ham United (Soccer Team), Somerset County (Cricket) and the occasional jogging jaunt. Oh and the odd G&T.


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Room 3 – 2/20