Presenter: Majdi Haroun
How EAs, SAs need to evolve towards evolutionary architecture to drive innovation in the modern digital enterprise. This session delivers five case studies with five lessons to learn: Intersection of Modern Architecture and DevOps, operations, deployment, Continuous Delivery Security, both internal and external.

  • Lessons, insights, and patterns from the field. How do EAs, SAs need to evolve towards an evolutionary architecture to drive innovation in the modern digital enterprise? Five case studies with five lessons to learn.
  • As enterprises—small, medium, large, and extra large—move to being digital, what does Enterprise Architecture look like? 
  • How are EAs redefining Architecture Blueprint, Roadmaps, and Reference Architecture? 
  • Why is Architecture more relevant and essential now than ever?
  • What do EAs need to change about their mindset, approaches, tools, models to become D-EA (not the Drugs Enforcement Agency)?

How do all these intersect with:

  • DevOps, Operations, Deployment, Continuous Delivery
  • Security both internal and external
  • Microservices

About the Presenter
Experienced Enterprise Technology Consultant with 20+ years’ experience in developing and implementing IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Digital Product Architecture & Strategy, Business Partnerships and Service Delivery in the Government, Media & News, Fashion and Luxury Retail, Financial Services, and Pharmaceutical industries. Digital transformation expert: Key expertise in Cloud Adoption, Enterprise Asset Management, Knowledge Management Enterprise Mobility, Big Data, Digital commerce and Social Enterprise. An innovative thought-leader with deep understanding of how technology enables business success. A strategic- and critical-thinker who has a holistic, long-term vision while driving near-term business value. A thought-leader who has helped numerous organizations achieve their strategic goals.

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Main Stage- 2/20