Presenter: Per Bauer
Whether you are already using containers or haven’t even considered it, containers are becoming a popular way for organizations to manage workloads more efficiently.
When a new technology like this breaks into the market, many organizations decide to adopt without a plan for managing performance and capacity. But just like with any other workloads, it is essential that your docker and other container workloads are monitored and managed as part of your hybrid IT environment.
In this session, you will learn:

  • Why businesses are using containers
  • How container workloads are different from traditional workloads (and what that means for performance and capacity management)
  • Why adopting a service view is essential for getting the most out of container technology

About the presenter:
As Director of International Services at HelpSystems, Per Bauer is responsible for the delivery of services HelpSystems™ capacity management customers worldwide. He conceived and is the author of the Capacity Management Maturity Model and has presented papers on the subject globally. Per has the combination of deep practical experience and a thorough understanding of the business drivers for capacity management, contributing to his role of a thought-leader in the industry. Per also sits on HelpSystems™ product management steering committee giving him insight into real-world needs and translating those into deliverable products for the market.

Event Timeslots (1)

Room 2 – 2/21