Presenter: Yuri Ardulov
We will present the set of tools that are necessary for any global SaaS company. Monitoring and log collection, API traces and mesh control, alert processing and change requests, NOC and DevOps, and a few other things that are the nature of the everyday activities of any SaaS company.

How to make it more efficient, how different tools are supporting different business process: we will describe the methodology and present examples from our existing system.

About the presenter:
Yuri Ardulov a Principal System Architect who works with all of the technical leaders to move forward with the new technologies, maintain current state of the art and evolve company to the new level. After spending last 20+ years working in different SAAS companies, Yuri knows how to organize service with five nines availability, how to make it efficient, manageable and reliable and how to organize effective collaboration between engineering and operations.

Yuri has garnered SAAS offerings in the many famous companies in Silicon Valley, including WebEx, Cisco, eBay and Ringcentral.

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Room 2 – 2/21