Presenter: Chris Greco
Risk is something that we all take for granted every time we drive a car, cross a bridge, or log-on to a computer. A user has an amount of convenience that they “need” to obtain to properly operate the device. When we have the appropriate convenience, we increase the vulnerabilities to the system, which then need to be addressed by the performance monitoring system, as well as capacity managers. In other words, risk elevates as convenience increases.

This presentation will cover how risk to your system can be mitigated by understanding the concept of convenience and vulnerabilities. If capacity is increased with this information in mind, mitigation of the vulnerabilities present with convenience can be seen and addressed.

About the Presenter
Chris Greco is a retired Air Force Intelligence Officer with over 40 years of project management experience, most of it in the Information Technology arena. Chris has served in various management positions in academia, government, and private industry. In 2002, he used innovative techniques to use an existing performance monitoring system as a “faux” anti-virus detection system to successfully battle the NIMDA virus, which had attacked government systems. In 2014, he published of the first children’s books on cyber security, in 2016 he was selected as one of the winners of the CMG Mullin Award, and in 2017 won the Information Security Leadership Award (ISLA) for the United States (www.isc2.org). He has written and presented a variety of books and articles on cyber security, focusing on how vulnerabilities can be mitigated using simple but effective techniques.

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Room 3 – 2/20