Presenter: Debbie Sheetz
This paper extends the methodology presented in 2013—Capacity Analysis Techniques Applied to VMware VMs (aka When is a Server not really a Server?—to include deeper CPU analysis, compared with Memory analysis in 2013). This paper demonstrates a holistic approach that defines and analyzes the relevant group of metrics from each layer of the virtualization, i.e. ESX cluster, host, VM, the VM’s operating system (Linux or Windows), and the application to determine if the guest needs to be resized or the ESX environment requires changes.
For 2013, there is both a formal paper and a presentation. For 2018, the presentation is complete and I’m expecting to complete a formal paper as well.

About the presenter:
Debbie Sheetz joined the Capacity Practice of MBI Solutions, LLC as a Principal Consultant in August 2015. She provides in and out-of-the-box solutions for capacity and performance questions as a Professional Service, specializing in Distributed Systems platforms and BMC Software’s Capacity Management software.

Originally hired to work on the first version of BEST/1 at BGS Systems, she had 38 years of experience developing and supporting capacity and performance analysis software with BMC Software/BGS Systems. She provided applied solutions for performance analysis and capacity planning challenges for customers, partners, and BMC field consultants. Based in Customer Support, she worked with product engineering and marketing on refining existing solutions and designing new solutions. Prior to working on Distributed Systems performance management products, she had extensive involvement with AS/400 and mainframe product support and development.

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Main Stage – 2/21