In the rush to control costs, companies looked to the cloud as the go-to strategy to support DevOps. Unfortunately, market research shows that organizations were not prepared, resulting in failed migrations, wasteful spending, compliance challenges, budget overruns, and general mayhem. Hear about the real life, success project that Acadian, a global quantitative investment manager company,  undertook migrating most of their global IT infrastructure to the cloud.

By attending this session, you will hear the considered approaches, tools, techniques, challenges, and benefits of this transformation. You can then apply them in your cloud adventures, delivering your own successes.

  • Learn about Cloud Migration strategies and results
  • Hear from industry peers about real challenges and benefits of migrating to the cloud
  • Assess your own Cloud Migration strategy, planning for your next steps


Presented by

Genci Jajka, Performance and Capacity Management, Architect, Acadian Asset Management
Boston, MA USA

Andrea Gallo, Manager of US Operations, Moviri Inc
Boston, MA USA

Tuesday, February 11 at 1:30pm

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Room 4 – 2/11