Presenter: Charles W. Johnson Jr., Syncsort

Capacity Management within the enterprise continues to evolve. In the past we were focused on the hardware; now we are focused on services. With that in mind, the amount of data available has increased significantly and has become difficult for the Capacity Manager to sort through.

To be successful with this discipline going forward, we need the machines to do more of the heavy lifting. This includes automatically creating reports, calling out anomalies, and producing forecasts. All this still requires the human computer to perform the sanity checks on the anomalies and forecasts.

The intuition of the human computer is imperative to our success. The bonding of the human computer and physical machine has become critical in performing Capacity Management.

In this presentation, we will discuss Capacity Management with and without Machine Learning, provide examples of what Machine Learning can provide in the process, and demonstrate outcomes using the strengths of both to make Capacity Management a successful component within your organization.

About the Presenter
Charles Johnson has been in the Information Technology industry since 1980. This has included working for Fortune 500 organizations in different business sectors, including insurance, financial, outsourcing and automotive.

Charles has been involved in Performance and Capacity management for the past 30 years both as a technician and managing planners and analysts within those organizations. Charles has managed and performed Capacity Planning analysis on number of engagements ranging from creating initial capacity plans, assessment of current environments and leading large-scale projects involving data center consolidation. These projects have involved both mainframe and distributed platforms.

Charles speaks at many of the major conferences on the Capacity performance management topic each year such as CMG (Computer Measurement Group) and Share. Charles also speaks at local user groups both within the US and Europe along with webinars for IBM. The most recent conference was Share 2018 in Sacramento California discussion how to create effective baselines in a modelling engagement.

Charles is a Senior Solutions Engineer with Syncsort in the Professional Services group. Charles holds certifications in ITIL, VMware and other disciplines. Syncsort is a provider of enterprise software and the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data solutions.

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Room 2 – 2/21