Presenters: Chris Walker and Rebecca Levesque
Before the days of relatively inexpensive computing resources, Capacity Planning (particularly for mainframes) was a serious discipline that ensured that resource utilization was closely managed, hardware purchases were carefully forecasted and thoroughly justified. But as the cost of resources has continued to decline, the discipline of past Capacity Planning practices has relaxed. Even companies that recognize that Capacity Planning is still important often rely on manual efforts and homegrown tools to do the job. Ironically, as the workloads have become more complex and intertwined, the expertise to measure and plan for them is dwindling. In most cases, the mainframe is the “system of record” for a business: it’s your lifeblood where most of your customer databases reside and the transactions that support those customers are executed. Why invest the effort to develop and maintain a capacity management practice?

Come and see what best practices you can apply and what generally available tools you can leverage to augment your homegrown tools to ensure that you properly care and plan for your company’s resources. Currently available tools have improved capabilities for predictive forecasting and “what-if” scenarios to simulate future resource utilization.

About the Presenter
Chris Walker is a Senior Offering Manager within IBM’s Z Systems organization. He has over 15 years working with the mainframe across numerous offerings in multiple roles, from development to product management. His current specialization in in performance management and monitoring and is a regular speaker at conferences such as SHARE and IBM Technical University. He has co-authored several IBM Redbooks and journal articles on z/OS resource monitoring and management.

Rebecca M. Levesque is the Chief Executive Officer of 21st Century Software and is responsible for shaping the company’s product strategy and vision. She has over 20 years of experience helping hundreds of companies establish resiliency and recoverability strategies from any disruptive event. Her knowledge and depth of experience is offered as a speaker at SHARE, IBM Systems Magazine, ACP and DJ. She is a published author in trade journals, white papers, and industry forums. Additionally, Rebecca has helped executives, storage managers, and technical architecture professionals leverage their existing storage technology investments while ensuring efficiencies across the enterprise.

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Room 3 – 2/21