Presenter: Stuart McIrvine
Advancements in the use of machine learning for IT management are leading to growing adoption of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps). This is not about “anything you can do, AI can do better” – it’s about augmenting operators, not replacing them, using operational intelligence, predictive analytics and automation. A reactive approach that uses siloed data, static rule-based thresholds and human brute force can no longer keep up with the complexity and operational data generated by modern hybrid IT systems that often span mainframe to multi-cloud infrastructures. AIOps uses advanced algorithms to automatically normalize, correlate and analyze this vast amount of data—removing the noise and making it easier to solve hard problems. Discover how you can begin your journey to self-driven intelligent ops and let the machine to do the mundane and tedious, so you can focus on the strategic and fun.

About the presenter:  
Stuart McIrvine is Director of Product Management, Broadcom Inc., Mainframe Division. Stuart is responsible for developing the strategy for Broadcom’s portfolio of intelligent operations, automation, security and compliance solutions. Prior to his current role, Stuart was Director of Product Management at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the IT Operations Management business and previously the Enterprise Security Products business. Stuart also spent over 20 years at IBM in many roles including Strategy, M&A, Product Management, Marketing and both Hardware Engineering and Software Engineering.

Stuart grew up in Scotland and moved to the US in 1997. He enjoyed playing sports during high school and college and was fortunate enough to be selected to play rugby for the Scottish national team in his final year of high school.  Today, Stuart’s favorite hobby is brewing beer. He brews all sorts of beers from many countries around the world. He always has at least one hundred gallons of beer in his house and the only thing he enjoys more than brewing beer is sharing it.

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