Presenter: Bryan Knouse
This talk will discuss the progress of AI in recent decades leading up to the current state of technologies that constitute AI today. There are four in particular: Neural Networks, AR/VR, Blockchain, and Natural Language. We will touch on topics such as the introduction of computing, the compounding nature of computation in society, and why scaled computing is now understood as AI. This radicalization at scale provides the foundation for extreme computation such as blockchain and deep learning, and why we subjectively perceive this as artificial intelligence. This discussion will be topical, information packed, and at times fun. The latter half of the talk will engage the solutions AI is powering today, and what exists near the horizon that AI will bring to bear over the coming years. This talk will inspire everyone.

This talk is accessible by all skill levels and backgrounds—executives to CTOs—but will focus on one particular technology that embodies AI and is becoming widely available today: natural language technology and how it will power the next wave of enterprise computing.

About the presenter:
I am a software developer living in Brooklyn, New York. I live for software and technology. I have created solutions for the smallest cafes to the largest banks. I have worked with marketing agencies to build creative, impactful advertising campaigns as well as early-stage blockchain companies building the first applications that appeared on the Ethereum network. Technology is my passion and I truly enjoy working with other devoted individuals who seek to evolve our understanding of technology and its impact.

Currently, I am focused on conversational data analytics through at http://www.rapidinfluence.com/

More info at http://www.knou.se/

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Room 3 – 2/20