We will present:

  • The contents and descriptions of publicly available BMC TSCO (TrueSight Capacity Planning) tables such as PV_SYSTEM, PV_SYS_METRIC, PV_SYS_DATA_DH, etc.
  • Some things the U.S. Bank has done with this information to help its TSCO deployments.
  • A tutorial on how use Excel VBA ADO code to extract this info and set up ODBC DSN data sources to TSCO for the Excel VBA code to pull data from these tables. Once this Excel VBA code is in place, automated Windows tasks can be set up to create reports from these tables that help monitor the health of TSCO in interesting ways.

Time will be provided for Q&A and coding tips.

Presenter: Todd Voros
BMC TSCO (TrueSight Capacity Optimization) has a number of publicly available internal tables (PV_* tables) that can be useful to know. The presentation discusses what they contain and how they can be accessed using Excel VBA.

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Room 3 – 2/21