Presenter: Jeanie Zheng – VP of Engineering, GoDaddy, Inc.

Companies thrive on the success of their customers. As more and more customers are moving online, the definition and purpose of their online presence has shifted from static and channeling to dynamic and interactive.

Deep customer engagement involves Brand that offers a consistent vision, Product that grows and continuously meets customer needs, and Care that wraps experiences in consultative support. As a platform company, we must provide all our services and products on a platform that delivers the fundamental brand promise, a complete ideas-to-reality product set, and empathetic and knowledgeable care. It should also localize the customer experience in markets around the world and connect products and social ecosystems together on behalf of our customers.

In this session, we will discuss what a Platform Engineering team can contribute to ensure the delivery of an amazing experience during the end-to-end customer journey.

About Jeanie Zheng

As VP of Engineering at GoDaddy, Inc., Jeanie Zheng leads the Content, Search, and Merchandising Platform and the White Label Reseller Platform teams. She also serves on the Advisory Board of KeyoCoin, a technology startup using Blockchain to solve reward system inefficiencies and fragmentation for the travel industry. Driven by a passion for enabling businesses through industry-leading innovations, Jeanie brings 20 years of experience as an accomplished technology executive to her roles. Jeanie also held engineering leadership roles at several technology companies including Expedia, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and IBM, etc., and has extensive experience in Cloud Services, eCommerce, Big Data, and Distributed Systems. Jeanie holds a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University.

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Main Stage- 2/20