Queuing Theory has long been the de-facto high standard for accurate IT forecasting. However it has always had its downsides. Heavily data dependent and very specific in what it can forecast, it has become 1 tool in a toolbox of forecasting alternatives. This session will discuss these alternatives and what advantages they will give to the modern hybrid IT world.

Key Takeaways

  • IT has transformed in recent years. Forecasting needs to transform with it.
  • Forecasting needs to be easy and quick
  • Accuracy need not be sacrificed

The session is best for those who are:

  • Early careerists or new to this subject area (Intro/Beginner)
  • Have a working knowledge of the subject area

About the Speaker:

Bob Torz is a Solutions Specialist in the UK. He has been in the field of IT performance and capacity management for over 20 years. Bob regularly presents at conferences and is passionate about the role of capacity management in the modern IT world.