COVID19 has become a compelling event for many organizations to rapidly transform their businesses, but that has put a lot of stress on the workforce. In this session, I explore how this impacts us and demonstrate how Lean, Agile, and DevOps methodologies are helping humanity adapt and transform.

Throughout our history, existential crises have driven the advancement of the human race by leaps and bounds. The combined force of COVID19 and the overnight shift to a contactless, remote world has become that compelling event for people and organizations to transform the way they interact, operate, and strive for success. Unfortunately, this shift creates considerable stress on the workforce, resulting in reduced productivity, bureaucratic processes, reduced accountability, and reduced team members’ psychological safety. This session highlights the necessity and benefits of empathy in business transformations, especially in these challenging times.
In this lecture, we will explore:
  • How Lean, Agile, and DevOps methodologies are enabling us to become more human-centric and empathetic.
  • How we are adapting rapidly to a new world with the help of technology and processes.
  • How organizations are accelerating their transformation efforts to cater to new customer needs, and
  • How we can find optimism even in the face of adversity and innovate for a better humanity.


Gautham Pallapa
Global CTO

General Session, Keynote Session