Server/VM-level measurements notify the capacity/performance analyst of resource usage patterns during (1) capacity threshold breaches (2) SLA breaches (3) other significant changes, but not how/why these occurred. Inside guest measurements of the individual processes running on the server are the implementation of everything from the operating system, tools, utilities, and application(s). How can these be aggregated into specific categories to better understand the overall behavior of the server? The paper presents a categorization methodology for server process measurements along with several case studies (AIX, Linux and Windows).

A different set of case studies was published for CMG Impact 2020 presentation What’s that VM Doing?


About The Speaker:

Debbie Sheetz is a Principal Consultant at MBI Solutions. She spent multiple decades on the software development and design for the implementation platform. She spent several decades teaching people how to deploy it for their specific environment. She spoke at CMG Impact almost every year. And Debbie spoke at CMG Impact 2021 about Capacity Analysis Techniques for VMware VM I/O.