Most z/OS environments have thousands of jobs , hundreds of started tasks, millions of CICS, IMS , DDF or WEB transactions , tens of service classes and reports classes that run everyday. While most computer centers get the big picture of how everything is running and the main problem areas , they still have many difficulties to pinpoint the single job, address space, and transaction that gradually increase until you notice it has become a cost and performance problem. In this presentation I will present a simple methodology and reporting system that can solve most of these problems.

The session is best for those who are:

  • Be early careerists or new to this subject area (Intro/Beginner)
  • Have a working knowledge of the subject area
  • Have extensive experience in the subject area (Advanced)

About the Speaker:

Mark Cohen Austroweik is a Technical Director of EPV Technologies and is specialized in Performance Analysis, Reporting, Tuning and Capacity Planning for z/OS and Distributed systems.