Since 2006, ZETALY, an independent software vendor specialized on z/OS environment, delivers innovative Mainframe solutions to large organizations around the world, to help them get the most of their Mainframe platform. Pioneer in software cost control, the company ambitions to bring the Mainframe into the 21st Century with an all-in-one solution backed by analytics and Z embedded expertise. ZETALY delivers quick time to value, to simplify and optimize Mainframe performance, resources and costs management.

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Mainframe Modernization Challenges and Strategy

The Mainframe is still strategic and will exist for a long time to come ... The projection of the Mainframe in the IS evolution roadmaps requires the implementation of a modernization and optimization strategy to meet the following challenges: Visible costs in the ISD...

Finetune your mainframe performance through the analysis of WLM and HIS

Mainframe performance is not only limited to the amount of available resources but strongly depends on how well you organize the work running on your machine. The Workload Manager helps you organize your workloads depending on business priorities while Hardware...


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