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IMPACT 2024 Speaker


Building a cloud agnostic Multi-tenant SaaS Applications: Challenges and Lessons Learned

This session is about best practices and lessons learned after building a cloud-agnostic multi-tenant SaaS application. It will cover topics related to tenant provisioning, passing context in microservices, tenant onboarding with AuthN and AuthZ, data partitioning, DevOps strategies, and cross-cutting concerns.

Presented by

Abhay Paroha, Software Team Leader, Schlumberger

Abhay Dutt Paroha is an experienced Software Engineer and Technology Leader at Schlumberger, having held critical roles for over 15 years at various large organizations. Passionate about utilizing modern technologies to solve real-world problems, Abhay leads a team of highly skilled and passionate engineers in creating cutting-edge global software applications for the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. These applications leverage microservice architectures, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and DevOps to help both internal and external clients for Schlumberger.